Fleet / Servicing : Short Term

Too many parcels?
Freight management draining your time and money ?
Deliveries reaching your customers damaged ?
Deliveries not reaching their destinations on time? Then Firace Courier Services is the service provider you are looking for.

  • Firace Courier Services fleet includes over 30 vehicles from 1 tonne vans to Prime Movers.
  • We are trusted by some of the most prominent names in the industry to provide support transport services.
  • We have a team of dedicated, qualified and experienced professional drivers.
  • We pride ourselves with our well maintained reputation of excellence in work, highly flexible personnel and competitive rates.

Fleet/servicing: Short Term
If you are serving an area or expanding your business and need time to develop your best cost effective strategy then we can help you hit the ground running at a snap of your fingers our drivers are ready for action and on your team waiting instruction.

Your deliveries reach their destinations as you develop your new plan of action.